Mellow Marsh FarmWe in Chatham County are down and out blessed to have on call the talented extension office agents that we have.  For any question having to do with land and home, they're like having free experts to call for whatever you need to figure out. For example: I wondered what kind of trees I had on my property. Who did I figure to call? The extension office expert had answers!. Another example: little white fuzz starting showing up on my house and garden plants.  What blight was this and how could I contend with it? Call the extension office, of course.  They just about knew I was going to call and had the answer ready.  I wanted to start bee-keeping. They knew how. I wanted to know what to watch out for when picking berries. They went to school for this!  I love these people and you will too.  Take a class, shake their hand, visit the Debbie Roos polinator garden.  Love this county resource!


The Center offers informal educational programs, publications, events and one-on-one assistance in the areas of:

  • Agriculture and natural resources;
  • Family and consumer education;
  • 4-H and youth development; and
  • Community and rural development.

COUNTY OFFICE: 65 East Chatham Street, County Agriculture Building, Pittsboro

OFFICE HOURS: 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday

MAILING ADDRESS: P. O. Box 279, Pittsboro, NC 27312-0279

PHONE: 919-542-8202