so if you haven't been to a Pittsboro Street fair before- this has to be the year! This is perfect mix of small town Americana, community minded, environmentally friendly do gooders, a totally diverse population in every way- all joining  together to hang out for the day, and support each others interests and programs.  Our whole family loves this fair, and what it says about Pittsboro in general.  There will be firetrucks,  face painting, voter registration, volunteer organinzing, bouncy houses, live music, spin the wheel of fortune, etc etc etc..  

My favorite spot this year is going to be the Pittsboro Skate Park booth, continuing to raise awareness of the skate park coming soon. The land on McLenahan street behind the sheriff's station is the proposed location, and public support has been terrific. the non-profit has raised about 11000 so far, and has over 400 signatures showing support. they have logged over 1000 hours ov volunteer time, and are eagerly waiting to get started on grant requests.   Artisan Design build has generously agreed to design the park for free, based on the wish list of the local skate scene, and our proposed budget.  At this time the Pittsboro Skate Park nonprofit is hoping to raise over 200,000 to build this park, and once complete, the town will take over the park as a public FREE skatepark open to all.  Come By and sign the petition if you haven't already:)

now enough of that about the skate park,  Don't forget all the other amazing groups of folks out there- and the wonderful food that goes along with fun fall fairs! Seriously- if you have any interest in Chatham county as a home, you need to check out this street fair- it is a great snapshot of all the folks who reside here- and the charm will just about knock you out.

Happy fair going !